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According to research, the Trachoma disease spreads because of poor sanitation and hygiene condition across the world annually, statistic has shown that around 12 million people are affected by Typhoid fever, this infection is caused by salmonella Typhi bacteria which is contracted by consuming contaminated food which may be infected by rodents and insects or water pollution. This is the major reason why Cleaners Lodge was inaugurated on December 2018 and come into existence January 2019 to help people around the world fight these deadly bacteria by keeping our homes, offices and immediate environment clean, void of any type of dirt and pollution.


We look forwards to having a world void of sicknesses and diseases in the nearest future. Research has also shown that children and women has the highest percentage as victims. We therefore, result to making our environment, homes and offices clean as much as possible, not to create room for rodents and insects which are the major carrier of the bacteria that cause ill health to our world. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, it keeps us healthy at all times. We must equipped ourselves by getting all the tool needed to achieve it.

If we have all the necessary tool to work with then we can push out dirt and pollution from our home, offices and our immediate environment to the barest minimum. If we must live in a world free from sickness and disease then Hygiene and Sanitation must be our watchword, ranging from our environment, bedroom, sitting room, toilet, kitchen etc.

We create awareness on the latest cleaning tool and equipment, which is best for which and where to get them.

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We regularly get sent products for review, our testing room is constantly in flux with new cleaning tools and equipment for review. We are passionate and knowledgeable about what we do.

We don’t care where the product comes from and who manufactured it, every review highlights strengths and sometimes weaknesses if any.

We actually like it when you disagree with us about our opinions! We go in-depth on a product’s design, quality, packaging and accessories, always let you know which is best for you and where is best used.


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