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Cleaning, using warm water and detergent is a procedure that eliminates visual dirt and contaminants and in most situations is effective at decontaminating both appliances and the environment. Read More…….

Malaria and Covid-19, Differences, and Similarities.

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Before the outbreak of the threaded global pandemic, Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 that has claimed many lives all around the world and still claiming lives, there has been the existence of Malaria fever, According to  Gbchealth research Malaria is a widespread endemic disease that causes illness in approximately 230 million people and kills approximately 430,000 people each year…..Read more!

Basic protective measures against the coronavirus. (Covid-19)

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It has been a very crazy period in the world. Everything seems like mayhem and chaos. One needs to stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, available on the WHO website and through your national and local public health authority. Most people who become infected experience mild illness and recover, but it can be more severe for others…..Read More

Paracetamol As A Cleaning Agent


Most of us do manual ironing of our clothes at home to make us look good and gorgeous for that special occasion or official duty. Electric iron when not properly use can cause our clothes to be burnt or stained with brownish burnt color from the electric iron itself. I don’t know for you, this has got me disgusted and has spoiled my mood on many occasions whenever this ugly incident occurred, in most cases, the cloth is turned to trash. How about the electric iron itself?

Hazard Associated with a wet floor.

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Hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm. It leads to a negative consequence and poses danger to life and properties at any given time whether in offices or in our homes, it’s should not be treated with levity no matter how small the source of the hazard is…

Health Is Wealth

Your health, your wealth
Your health, your wealth

Health is everyone’s priority whether young or old, poor or rich and people from all works of life desired it. The question is how much time and resources have we as an individual, cooperates body, society, and group etc., put into achieving this utmost task. A healthy lifestyle is not cheap, it requires effort, time and resources……Read More!

Baking Soda As A Cleaning Agent.

Baking soda
Baking soda

This is a sodium bicarbonate, it’s a natural substance that regulates the pH balance. This natural substances known as baking soda neutralizes acids and bases, so it basically removes potential odors instead of just shielding them up. In the kitchen as regards cooking, baking soda courses carbon dioxide to be release when heated and this makes our cooking or baking such as bread, cakes and any food substances that…….Read More!

Best Silicone Dishwashing Handgloves 2019 Review

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Science and technology never seize to amaze me, new trends every day, making our world a beautiful place to leave in. Life just got easier with new innovation. Cleaning dishes just got easier with the innovation of the automatic handheld gloves smart dishwasher, all you need do is just to wear it on your hands and you are good to go……Read More!

How To Make A Solution Of Vinegar As A Powerful Cleaning Agent.


Vinegar is a great magic cleanser that is used in our homes and offices to remove tough stains and dirt. To make a simple solution of the vinegar, Put an equal quantity of distilled white vinegar and water mixed, poured in an empty spray bottle with an attached spray nozzle….Read More!

What Mama Told Me About Housekeeping. Part I

Housekeeping tool

I have never been a fan of housekeeping until my mama brings out the best in me when it comes to general home cleaning, thanks to mum. She started by telling me Cleanliness set the pace for healthy living, comfort plus style and makes you more focus, gets you ready to achieve your daily set goals and objectives and you will be happy with yourself. When this is achieved, then it can be said you are fulfilled……Read More!

What Mama Told Me About Housekeeping. part II

Floor Cleanning up

This sometimes really gets me worked up each time I have to put in so much time and energy. Mama said, if it’s worth doing then it should be done well. I knew I got no option than bringing the best out of it. When floor is stain with oil, grease and dirt it can be so irritating, it makes the whole place look messy and unkempt…….Read More!

Steps and Procedure On How To Use The Steam Mop Cleaning Machine

Steps and procedure on how to use your steam mop

There is always a way of getting things done to achieve a better result in all that we do in the home, offices, our environment even in our day to day activities. The Steam mop cleaning machine is not an exception. There are procedures to follow in handling the cleaner to produce maximum efficiency...Read More!

Useful Tips On How To Maintain Your Steam Mop Machine

Filling your steam mop machine water tank with water
Useful Tip in filling water tank

The Steam mopping machine like any other machine can breakdown Owing to frequent usage most especially without preventive maintenance. It’s awful to allow your machine comes to the point of breakdown before carrying out repairs, if you are unlucky that may just spell the end of the machine depend on the gravity of breakdown….Read More!

Best Steam Mop For Tile Floors Consumer Reports

Bissel Steam mop machine

A typical steam mop usually uses steam to clean tiles, carpets and hardwood floors to bring out the uniqueness and beauty of the floor. Unlike other conventional mops that uses cleaning agents such as bleach, or detergent mixed with water to remove dirt and stains from the floor, steam mop uses heat from steam to disinfect the floors…..Read more!

Consequences Of Using Defective Cleaning Machine.

Defective steam mop machine

There is always consequence in whatever we do that is not done right, not using the appropriate tool or using defective tool in carrying out the job. Best hands with best tools meant for the job will no doubt gives us the desired results with maximum satisfaction and value for money…………… Read More!

Best Mop For Tiles Floor.


A floor mop is a bunch of coarse yarn or a piece of e-cloth, sponge, or other absorbent material, join to a fancy stick. It has the ability to soak up liquid, dry wet floor, cleaning other surfaces/edges and mop up dust in no distance time, or for other cleaning purposes, that’s why they are best mop for tiles and floor. …Read More!

Best Home Mop Bucket With Wringer


Buckets and other containers are necessary when using the conventional mop for cleaning your tiles, hardwood and carpet floor, unlike the steam mop cleaners that have distilled water tank attached, they therefore does not need regular mop bucket. Read More!

Effects Of Stains And Dirt In Our Homes, Offices And Environment.

Dirty floor with insect

Naturally, the effects of stains and dirt in our homes, offices and our immediate environment cannot be over emphasized, it’s obvious life can be miserable when there is total discomfort and ill health to our families and office staff. Read More!

Reusable Microfiber Mop Pad

Reusable pad

Mop pad is one of the accessories that make up the entire mopping system, its usage is as important as the mop itself. Mop pad varies in types, shapes and sizes. Apart from the microfiber mop pad, there are other good mop pad products like the shark, Velcro, Libman mop pad etc. The good thing about these Mop pads is that most of them are washable, Reusable and saves us some cash, instead of buying new ones we wash and reuse. Read More!

Steam Mop Replacement Parts

Steam mop replaceable parts
Replace bad accessories

Steam mop cleaning machine come with accessories and other replaceable parts. As time goes on, like our automobile and other appliances, there is certainly going to be tear and wear of the Steam mop cleaning machine parts and pads and as such we need to get them replaced in time and as at when due. Whenever there’s tear and wear of this parts….Read More!

Hazard Associated With Wet Floor.

Wet floor

Hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm. It leads to a negative consequence and poses danger to life and properties at any given time whether in offices or in our homes, it’s should not be treated with levity no matter how small the source of the hazard is… Read More!

Best E-Cloth Cleaning Pad


Cleaning, from all ramifications is a necessity, be it in the home or in our offices. If we must look presentable from our living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and every nook and cranny of our offices, then best E-cloth cleaning pad is our best bet. E-cloth watching up pad are designed to suit these purposes in bringing our homes and offices to limelight…..Read More!

Dirty Floor And Environment- Unhealthy Living. (Part I)

Dirty floor

Dirty environment is a threat to any society, it makes us prone to so many types of diseases caused by one infection or the other, carriers such as bacteria, insects and rodents becomes our partners and neighbor even in our homes, offices and our immediate environment. Diseases and infections such as malaria, typhoid, trachoma disease to mention but a few are all caused by dirty, unclean water and polluted air. Among other diseases and infection, we will take trachoma infection as a case study…Read More!

Dirty Floor And Environment- Unhealthy Living. (Part II)

Dirty toilet

The disease is caused by certain subtypes of Chlamydia trachomatis, a bacterium that can also cause the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia…. Read More!


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