Effects of Stains And Dirt In Our Homes, Offices And Environment.

Naturally, the effects of stains and dirt in our homes, offices and our immediate environment can not be over emphasized, it’s obvious life can be miserable when there is total discomfort and ill health to our families and office staff. Our homes and offices ought to be a place of comfort with a sweet smelling savor to relax with but the reverse can be the case if negligence of little but vital thing is the order to the day in our homes, offices and environment at large.

These stains and dirt are generated by us in one way or the other knowingly or unknowingly, therefore we must take full responsibility for our actions as the case may be.

stained keyboard

Some practical negative effects of dirt and stain

  • Our health may be at risk: When there’s dirt and stains in our homes, offices and environment then we are jeopardizing our health. Study as shown that a large percentage of sicknesses people go through are contacted via dirt and stains. Deadly Bacteria are found in our waste bin where we keep these  dirt. Wind sometimes blew these dirt in our food and water without us even knowing it only to be diagnosed of cholera related disease which is common in most West African countries and its environs.
  • Inferiority complex: Imagine you are in a special event only to find out there are stains all over your clothing, this will leave you upset in the middle of your audience, believe me you will look for the slightest opportunity window to leave. How about you welcoming an August visitor only find out your tiles, carpet or wooden floor has a stain of oil or water spill with dirt at the edge of the floor, this again, this will get you upset and wanting to mop or cleaning it almost IMMEDIATELY. We need to rise to this responsibility, be at alert not to be caught off guard to avoid shame that may lead to Inferiority complex.
stained floor

  • Clear invitation to rodents and insects: This will pose a great danger to everyone in our homes, offices and environment.
  • Our kids, families and office staff becomes carrier when there are stains and dirt everywhere around us.
  • It can degenerate to bad smell round the home, offices and the environment.

Some Common Sources Of Stains And Dirt.


  • Deodorant: This is made up chemical meant for cleaning our homes and offices, it changes the aroma of house but can cause stains when applied on cloths
  • Blood: Blood is another source of stains that can be so irritating it drop on our cloths, tiles, carpet and wooden floors and as such cleaning and floor mopping will be required.
  • Kitchen waste: This is serve as a great source of dirt in the homes, if not properly managed rodents, insects and creeping crawlies becomes special guest in our homes which poses danger to our health. Appropriate waste bin should be placed on strategic places in the kitchen.
  • Office waste: This type of waste is generated in our offices can cause slip, trip and fall when stepped on. Appropriate waste bin should be placed in strategic places in our offices
  • Make up: Make up stains are mostly associated with people who do make up, it takes strong detergent to clean them up.
  • Grass: This usually occur when one slip on a grass of green field. Detergent and removal is required to clean it up.
  • Oil: Stains from oil can be an eye sour, on our clothing, tiles, carpet and wooden floor. Mopping is required to get ride it.

Note: These stains can also be found in our appliances, fridge, tap head, kitchen cabinets, windows slides etc. is just the perfect requirement for removing this STAINS.                  

stained appliance

Effects of Stains And Dirt In Our Homes, Offices And Environment. 1


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