Health Is Wealth

Health is wealth

Health is everyone’s priority whether young or old, poor or rich and people from all works of life desired it. The question is how much time and resources have we as an individual, cooperates body, society, and group etc., put into achieving this utmost task. A healthy lifestyle is not cheap, it requires effort, time and resources. All hands must be on deck by doing the cleaning in our homes and environment without procrastination or better still contact cleaning agents to help do the needful. Making our homes and environment void of rodents, harmful bacteria carrying insects can do the magic.

How to keep the environment clean

Dirty enviroment

Garbage dumping: We generate garbage daily in our homes, offices and our environment, that is normal but the issue here is proper disposal of this garbage. Improper disposal of this garbage we turn back to haunt us and our families by harmful bacteria that can pose a threat of ill-health to our lives and that of our loved ones. To properly dispose of this dirt, we will need to locate a government-approved dump site or better still entrust it in the hand of an organization that can handle dirt, waste and garbage disposal properly. What matters most here is piling it up unnecessarily till it poses a potential danger to everyone’s health, the earlier we act the better for us. A stitch in time they say saves nigh.

Urination and defecation: Open urination and defecation are unethical, it makes the whole place to be smelling. This is not good for a healthy and poses a serious danger to our health. All hands must be on deck to control and bring this menace to its barest minimum, the Government or ruler should place stiff penalty to offenders and make them pay severely by imprisonment or a monetary fine.

Infected food from our kitchen:


The food we eat should be given utmost priority, as it goes a long way to determine our health status. Eating contaminated food will not do us any good rather than curse us our health. Contaminated food and drink will bring us nothing than diarrhea and cholera. Our food must be properly covered, avoid food eating cold or contaminated food void of germs and bacteria carrying insects and rodents. We should try as much as we can to boil our drinking water if we cannot afford treated bottled water. We must do everything within our reach to stay healthy, our health is our wealth.

Dirty toilet and bathroom: Staphylococcus is a type of bacteria that causes staph infections and chronic health condition to children. The bacteria can usually be found on door handles, in showers and in the vicinity of the toilet and sink. Normal contact with the body does not commonly result in infection or disease, however, if any bacteria find its way to an open cut or sore a staph infection can occur. The bathroom can be a dangerous and bacteria-infested place if it is not regularly cleaned and maintained. These bacteria and fungi can cause a multitude of health problems, but there is good news. These problems are easily avoided through regular cleaning and easy habits like closing the toilet seat before flushing. Keep you and your family healthy and safe by keeping your bathroom clean and sanitized.

General sanitation: Every individual, group, organization, and the community owes it a responsibility for the home (Kitchen, toilet, bathroom, handrails, doorknobs, tap head, floor, and our laundry) to be kept clean all the time. Avoid piled up dirty plates, garbage to keep germs, insects, and rodents far away from our homes and surroundings. Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness.

The tool that can aid our day to day cleaning: Using the right tool for the right job will certainly guarantee maximum efficiency and gives the best value for money. The use of detergent, deodorant, white vinegar, etc. will go a long way to make our homes, offices and surroundings great, apart from the aforementioned cleaning agent’s tool such as:

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Consistency in using these tool will certainly make a great deal. Health is wealth, do all you can to keep your friends and family stay healthy.


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