Useful Tips On How To Maintain Your Steam Mop Machine

Useful Tips On How To Maintain Your Steam Mop Machine 1

The Steam mopping machine like any other machine can breakdown Owing to frequent usage most especially without preventive maintenance. It’s awful to allow your machine comes to the point of breakdown before carrying out repairs, if you are unlucky that may just spell the end of the machine depends on the gravity of breakdown.  

Steam mops actually work by heating up water from a tank on the mopping machine to a higher degree temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Theirs a jet of steam down into the mop pad covering the head. The stems soak the pad and assist its ability to loosen dirt, stains and grime off your floor.

10 Tips In Caring For Your Steam Mop Cleaning Machine.

Cleaning your steam mop machine regular is a good step in the right direction to prolong it’s life span. Some products may varies, depending on regular usage. Any steam cleaner that is use frequently will in no doubt, require regular care and maintenance. Maintaining your steam cleaner can varies by model, but in general, steam cleaner maintenance itself, is simple and easy way to protect your investment.

Highlighted below are some useful.

  • Unplug the machine from power outlet: You must unplug the steam mop machine from the power outlet to avoid any form of electrical shock. This is important Safety procedure that must not be undermine. Safety First!
  • Remove any clogging to the tiny pores: In the process of cleaning some debris must have clog the tiny pores in in machine, it’s necessary to get them out to avoid a break down.
  • Use warm for cleaning: When you use a steam mop regularly basis over long periods of time, certainly there’s a gradual buildup of scale and other mineral residue deposits will occur. The clog particles and debris could clog the filter, nozzle and also the heating element in the steam mop. To maximize the performance of your steam mop, it is advisable to use distilled water in the reservoir, especially if your water is hard.
  • Check the water level: It is advisable to always check the water tank just to be sure theirs is enough water in the tank before putting on the machine in the first place. If the machine stops emitting steam, it is most probably because the water tank is empty. In such a case, you must turn off the steam mop machine immediately and refill the tank with water before usage.
  • Do not add detergents to water tank: The usage of detergents, chemicals, fabric softeners, soap etc. into the steam mop water tank should be avoided, the machine is designed to make use of pure water alone as the use of this chemicals can cause corrosion and damage essential parts of the machine.
  • Wash: Washing of some essential parts of the Machine is Mandatory, like the bonnets, pads and E-cloth. The usage of fabric softeners should be avoided.
  • Drying: Drying is necessary after each wash. While drying, avoid using direct sources of heat, the accessories should be hanged in line with our cloths. Do not make use of Dryer sheets, it contain chemicals and fragrances that when heated are then absorbed by the clothes you are drying, and with steam cleaning, you are trying to remove chemicals.
  • Replace worn out attached accessories : As soon as you notice any attached accessories like the removable pad that will certainly have tear and wear over time, do well to replace it as soon as possible. Attached cables and plugs should also be replaced if found braking out gradually. Check the filters if it’s clog with dirt and debris or probably broken, do the needful by replacing it as well.
  • Don’t do repairs yourself: It is advisable you call an expert or reach out to the manufacturer of the product for advice, you might just damage it the more or get yourself injured in the process.
  • Proper storage: After usage and maintenance, it is advisable to properly keep the steam mop machine in a cool store room, void of dust, insects and rodents. If left for a long time, and not properly kept and covered, it should not be a surprise when you find out dust has covered it, then you might need to carry out serious Preventive maintenance on all parts to ensure they are free from dust and insects that might got stuck on the various parts before usage.

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