What Mama Told Me About Housekeeping. part II

Floor mopping:

Floor cleanning

  • This sometimes really gets me worked up each time I have to put in so much time and energy. Mama said, if it’s worth doing then it should be done well. I knew I got no option than bringing the best out of it. When floor is stain with oil, grease and dirt it can be so irritating, it makes the whole place look messy and unkempt such that you don’t want your visitors to smell your trash. Another challenge here is getting the right tool to get the job done with maximum satisfaction and value for money. I have seen some good steam mop machine but I prefer the Shark and Bissell steam mop machine. They give you great value for your money with maximum efficiency. Steam mopping machine with the aid of the Steam remove stains from your hardwood, carpet and tiles floor, no chemical or detergent is used. Before using the steam mop machine on our floor, push all furniture that may obstruct the way of the machine. You should first sweep the floor to get rid of solid particles of dirt that may get stuck in the way of the Steam mop.

The Kitchen:

Kitchen cabinet clean up

kitchen cabs cleaning

  • It’s made of cabinets, cutleries, sink, cooking pots and pans. Our health in most cases hangs in the kitchen, what we eat and drink comes from the kitchen. If our kitchen is filled with stains and dirt then we are directly or indirectly inviting rodents and deadly bacteria carrying insects/flies to our homes which pose great threat to our health and well-being. Mama also told me, a stitch in time saves nigh. On no account must we accumulate dirty plates, pots, pans, cups and cutleries without washing them as soon as possible. The kitchen cabinets should be clean with hand held steam cleaning machine. In other not to build hidden places for rodents and insects. Avoid keeping wet waste in the kitchen, it attracts flies and bacteria. Our health is of paramount importance, health is wealth. The cooker should be clean regularly after cooking, regular splashes from our cooking pots and pans can get nearby surfaces messed up. The microfiber E-cloth with warm water will do the magic. Use wipes to wipe the inside of your microwave and the door of your appliances.

Clean the Inside of the Refrigerator, Water dispenser, Washing Machine & Dryer:

Refrigerator cleanning

Washing machine

  • Refrigerator often get messy, this is because we store in it all manner of food stuffs and most of this food stuff are raw and as such get the inside stained and smelly. To clean it you first unplug it from its power outlet, remove all inner detachable pallets to wash them separately. Put a microfiber E-cloth in a warm water with lemon juice liquid soap, apply it on the inside wall of the refrigerator to remove stains, when you are done, repeat the process again but without putting the E-cloth in the water solution. Water dispenser should be handled with great care, it should be clean regularly, dirt can be found inside the water jar if the dispenser itself has dirt. Unplug the dispenser from the power outlet, repeat the same process for the refrigerator using same E-cloth. Follow same procedure for your washing machine and dryer.

Safety tip:

Safety tips

Do not forget to always unplug all electrical appliances from their various power outlets before commencing your cleaning, this is necessary to avoid any form of electrical shock. Remove furniture or other items that may obstruct your way when doing your cleaning most especially when using your steam mop machine on the floor. Ensure you have a three point of contact with a harness belt when ascending a height to do cleaning on ceiling sheet and fan. Ensure all your cleaning tools are neat, void of dust, dirt and are all in good working condition before using them. Wash them after usage, like the reusable steam mop pads and E-cloth. The washed Steam mop pads should not be dried under direct sunlight or heat source but mild heat will be just fine. Thanks to mama for this useful tips.


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